Self-Awareness is Key to Empowerment

Self awareness is the key to preventing the emotional drama that guides your reactions to situations and other people. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, thoughts and feelings is a big step towards knowing who you really are.

Without such knowledge, we end up vulnerable, frustrated, inauthentic, unmotivated and often unsuccessful in achieving our dreams.

Here are some quick self awareness tips to motivate and inspire you:

Slow down 

Have you ever noticed how fast you breathe when you are rushed or in a hurry to get somewhere?  Most of us rarely engage in mindful breathing and consequently we are in a state of anxiety most days. Learn to notice your breathing by setting aside a few minutes each day to breathe purposely and deeply. Sit quietly and inhale and exhale for five minutes each day.  I’m sure you will be less stressed, more relaxed, focused and energetic.

Let go of negative thoughts

From time to time, we all have thoughts that try to limit what we can achieve or become.  I’ve given these thoughts a name, “Negative Nelly” and a whiny voice. We all know how annoying “whiny” can be.  So, when Negative Nelly perches on my shoulder invading my thoughts trying to prevent me from reaching a goal or exploring something new, I imagine her sitting on my shoulder, whispering in that whiny voice.  I refuse to listen for a second and brush her off my shoulder like the pest she is.  Whether you’ve given your inner critic a name and voice or not, she’s there.  Don’t listen to her.  Instead replace your “Negative Nelly” with a “Patty Positive” whispering your virtues and strengths in your ear.

Create a vision for the life you want

It’s second nature for a lot of people to spend time thinking about what’s not working for them and what stops them from achieving what they want in life. Spend time creating either a visual (vision board) or mental image of the things you want to attract in your life  (a new career, a mate, more time, financial security, travel, etc.).  Whatever desires you have, a vision is essential. An architect first has a vision in her mind of the structure she wants to create. She then sets about to put into place the blueprint to support her vision.  The vision for your life is similar.  First, you must take the time to allow your vision to evolve.   Any thought, idea, concept or object that comes to your mind would not exist if you didn’t already have the ability, desire and talent to bring it to fruition.

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Master the Art of Preparation

Master the Art of PreparationI was reminded of the concept of preparation recently when my husband, who is a chef, received his association magazine, Mise en Place (a French phrase for “put in place”). In the chef’s world, the term means to organize the necessary tools and ingredients for the evening meal.

When you master the art of preparation, you are not just focused on the details, outcome and possibilities.  While these things are important, preparation means that you have armed yourself with not only the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to get the job done but you are also prepared mentally and physically.

Most of us think of preparation as the steps we take to get ready for an event or undertaking such as preparing for a party. We are usually well aware of the tangible “things” we need to get the job done.  But, do you remember to prepare mentally and physically first?

Recently I took on the task of painting my bedroom.  Painting, filling nail holes where pictures hung, sanding and taping around doors and window sills was almost the easy part.  Yes, I got the job done but with untold stress and fatigue. What I neglected was to prepare myself physically and mentally.  Yes, I did all the prep work needed for the painting but neglected to prepare my mind and body by getting enough rest beforehand and organizing everything I needed in a way that was manageable for the task. Often when we are undertaking a task, we neglect to think of our mind as body as part of the prep work when we assemble the tools we need to carry out our plans.  Mental and physical preparation is the first step you need to take before you forge into any task at hand.

You can use the same concept of preparation as chefs do – put in place everything you will need including your self-care!

Here are some tips to think about as you master the art of preparation for your next project:

1. Before undertaking a project, make sure you’re not already overwhelmed by something else.

2. Get plenty of rest before you start your project.

3. Take deep relaxing breaths to center yourself before you tackle the job.

4. Assemble everything you will need to accomplish your undertaking.

5. Make sure you have replacement tools and extra supplies.

6. Will you need assistance?  If so, who can you call on to help you?

7.  Ask for help, if you need it.

8.  Have you mentally and physically prepared yourself to take on this project?

9. Do you have a reasonable time frame to complete the task?

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you took the time to master the art of preparation before your next project, vacation or the beginning of your day.

Whether you’re preparing your evening meal or undertaking a project or task, when you master the art of preparation by embracing the chef’s concept of “Mise en Place“, you have put everything in place that you need to get the job done, including your self-care. You are less stressed, less anxious, more confident and better prepared so that your project goes smoothly.

Before you start on your next project or task, contact me so I can help you with the mental and physical preparation so that you not only get the results you want but you are also prepared mentally and physically for the task at hand.