Easy Tip to Block Negativity

Stop NegativityHow can I stop negativity coming at me from other people? is a question I hear a lot.  Most of the time what is really being said is “I’m not negative, other people are”…It’s much more comfortable to blame others that it is to take responsibility for our personal thoughts, actions and responses.

While you certainly can’t control negativity in speech or behavior from other people, keep in mind you are in control of your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and responses.  When you start to recognize that you control what you think, your behaviors and responses to situations, people and events will shift dramatically. When a negative statement is made in your presence, first, you want to take 2-3 really deep breaths before your respond or react. This will give you time to reframe the negativity into something more positive and at the same time maintain your positive attitude.

If you’re trying to change, manipulate or control what someone else is thinking or doing, you’re neglecting what you’re thinking or doing

Here’s an easy tip to block negativity whenever you experience a negative emotion from words or actions:

Make a circle on both hands with your index finger and thumb, similar to the “okay” sign. You can easily do this with your hands down to your sides, behind your back or in your pockets.  And while the person is spewing negativity, you are closing off the negative energy with your thumb and index finger and keeping it from entering your mindset.

Try it the next time someone is negative around you or use it when you recognize you are being negative. It really works!

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5 Positive Attitude Tips

Attitude is everything image

Each day you get to decide the kind of attitude you will have. You can soar above the clouds of negativity and make a conscious choice to either complain or be grateful. Instead of bemoaning the fact that it is raining, be thankful that you are supplied with water to feed the grass.

When your attitude is out of order, so is everything else – your relationships, your work, your life. Here are some tips to help restore order to your attitude and harmony to your life:

• Eliminate negative words from you vocabulary. The words “can’t, and “don’t” suggest a sense of hopelessness and distress. Instead, use positive words like “I can”, “I will”, and “I am” to lift your thoughts to a higher altitude and help you to dwell more in possibilities.

• Don’t Complain. Each day, show gratitude for what you already have rather than complaining about what’s lacking in your life. Focus more on abundance than scarcity.

• Face challenges head on. Turn your challenges into opportunities to grow. When faced with a difficult situation, ask yourself “what can I learn from this?”

• Take control of what you think. If you think of something as impossible, it will be impossible. When you dwell in the pit of despair, you thinking will keep you there.

• Don’t waste time worrying. Worrying is a useless emotion that consumes your energy. Step back from the situation and recognize when there is nothing you can do to change things.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry the load” – Lena Horne

You are the sculptor and you get to mold your attitude and how your day goes.  Use your positive attitude to shape a wonderful day free of negativity, guilt and worry.

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