The Rainbow Appears After the Rain

A sudden summer rain shower did little to dampen the festive atmosphere at the rooftop party where I got to experience this spectacular light show in the form of a rainbow. A rainbow has been described as “one of the most spectacular light shows of the earth“. Rainbows are defined as optical and meteorological phenomena that produces a spectrum of light when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, none of that crossed my mind when I took this photo.  My only thought was that I might not get a chance to view this spectacular site from such a vantage point again.  I just knew I had to capture it even if I am an amateur photographer.

Months later, while purging some photos, I come across the rainbow picture and think of the rainbow as a metaphor for the contrasts we experience in our lives. To see a rainbow, one has to have rain and sunshine.

Remember, a rainbow doesn’t appear until after the rain. Into every life some rain must fall. And, while we would like to avoid the rain, it’s inevitable. But you don’t have to stay mired in the challenges, obstacles, and disillusionment that seem to fall from the sky. Instead, look for the rainbow.   Dolly Parton sums it up in this quote:

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta to put up with the rain” ~ Dolly Parton

When faced with the storms of life, take a moment to reflect on the rainbows that have appeared in your life after the rain has passed, such as:

  • An unexpected random act of kindness when you least expected it
  • A door of opportunity flung wide open for you to enter
  • A helping hand that came along just when you were ready to give up
  • One of your co-workers or friends surprises you with a special treat that makes your day

If you’ve experienced any of this,  you’ve had a rainbow burst through the clouds!

Comment and share your “rainbow””.

Gladys Anderson – Life Coach, Therapist, Author

Gladys Anderson helps singles and couples to receive, renovate, and restore the love, passion, respect and fun that’s been missing from their relationships.