Make Commitments Not Resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, most of us focus our attention on how we can make meaningful changes in our daily lives (e.g., wipe the slate clean and start afresh) by changing some aspect of who we are – what we do, how we do things, when we do certain things and exploring why we act and respond in the ways we do.

You may call this process of introspection as making a new years resolution or you may call it something else. I prefer to look at this process as making a commitment rather than a resolution. The beginning of 2013 is the perfect time to refocus, think deeply and make a commitment to be the real you.

I believe a commitment is stronger than a resolution because you are the central character and the commitment is a pledge or promise you make to yourself. Although you can share your commitment with a trusted friend, it’s not necessary.

On the other hand, a resolution usually involves expressing to someone your resolve to do something (e.g., loose weight, exercise more, etc.).

A commitment to yourself means that you are taking responsibility for who you really are. It means you are committed to being your true self.

In essence you are writing a prolific script for your life. You get to design the scenes, choose the actors and you are responsible for the desired outcome.

Wouldn’t you rather write your own script than have someone else write it for you?

Make commitments not resolutions.

Here are some commitments you can start making today to discover your true self:

1. Shed the Superwoman role. Remember, superwoman was the figment of someone’s overactive imagination. She was not human. You are not superwoman. If you have the idea that you can do and be all things to everybody commit today to let go of the superwoman mindset.

2. Show gratitude. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you think is missing in your life, learn to appreciate the abundance you already have. Everyday, write down five things you are grateful for.

3. Be open to new experiences. Only you know what inspires and excites you. Explore a hobby or activity you’ve secretly wanted to experience and commit to engaging in it.

4. Make self-care a top priority. Nourish your body, soul and spirit so you can be re-energized, refreshed and ready to step out in the world as your true self.

And, when you’re ready to learn more ways to commit to being your true self, I invite you to get my book, Master the Genie Within: Uncover, Embrace and Celebrate the Real You.