TIP: How to Build a Strong Emotional Boundary



How does your outer world reflect your inner world?

Are you constantly misplacing your keys, spending time looking for things, never having enough time, surrounded by chaos and negativity?

When you outer world is disorganized, so is your inner world and it reflects a lack of focus and clarity.

TIP: Change the way you think about things.  Replace negative, limiting, self-sabotaging thoughts with positive thoughts and affirmations.  Immediately turn each negative or limiting thought into a positive statement before it has time to infiltrate your subconscious.

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Gladys Anderson – Life Coach, Therapist, Author

Gladys M. Anderson is a certified group coach, personal life coach and a licensed marriage & family therapist.  Gladys helps nurses, therapists, teachers and other caregivers establish boundaries,  build balance and create breathing space in their busy lives.

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